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Mineral Harmony - Starter Kit DELUXE Featuring FROG @ease

Mineral Harmony

Water Care Products Designed Specifically
for Mineral Treated Spas

Mineral treated spas require the regular testing and balancing of the water for the minerals to perform properly.  Mineral Harmony was developed exclusively for use with mineral treated spa water.

The Mineral Harmony Deluxe Kit featuring @ease includes:
@ease Mineral Cartridge
@ease Chlorine Cartridge
@ease Chlorine Cartridge (3pk)
@ease Test Strips
Jump Start (2oz)
Mineral Harmony Boost (16oz)
Mineral Harmony Lift (1lb)
Mineral Harmony Lower (1.25lb)
Mineral Harmony Refresh (1lb)
Mineral Harmony Guard (16oz)
Measuring Cup (4oz)
Mineral Harmony Waterproof Spa Side Reference Card

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Available Individually - Case Pack 4

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