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Item Number: 7026

Spazazz Bombzz - Assorted 12pk

Feel the fizz!

Join the “bath bomb” craze with Spazazz Bombzz – individual use fragrant bombs formulated specifically for spas and hot tubs.  Drop one in the spa for an effervescent and fragrant spa experience.

Assortment includes 12 Bombzz
  • SUNSHINE  is a mellow CITRUS scent sure to make every spa user happy and uplifted. 
  • COOL RUSH MENTHA will stimulate your senses.
  • SWEET DREAMS LAVENDER will get you in the ultimate relaxation mode.
  • TOASTY COZY SUGAR will melt your cares away.
  • ANYTIME ESCAPE COCONUT will take you to your favorite island destination.
  • PURE LOVE HONEY will envelop you in sweet seduction.
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